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How to Apply

How to Apply

Applicants must have transferable courses (details are on our Admission Requirements page), and will need to complete an online application as well as submit supporting documents.

Please follow the directions below to learn how to successfully complete your application, as well as what to expect after submitting. If you encounter any issues while applying, please email us directly, or schedule a meeting with Program Advisor Dereck Zara.

When you are ready to apply, use the link below to visit Cal State Apply to start your application:

Apply Now

Application Dates & Fees

Below you will find the application periods for the Fall and Spring cohorts, as well as the application fee:

  • Fall cohort applications accepted: October 1 – July 1
  • Spring cohort applications accepted: August 1 – November 1
  • Application fee: $55

Before applying

Step 1: Meet with an Advisor

Before applying, we highly recommended you make an appointment (in-person, by phone or online) with a program advisor. The application requires information from your transcripts, and our advisors can review those to ensure you meet all business course requirements before applying. They can also answer any questions you have about the program or application process.

Completing your Application

Step 2: Submit online application

The online application generally takes less than an hour to complete and can be saved anytime. You will need to provide information on previous courses you have taken on the application, so we recommend you have a copy of your unofficial transcripts while completing the application.

While applying, please select the following options:

  • Select “Undergraduate” as the level of degree you are seeking.
  • After selecting “Undergraduate”, select “Transferring with an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T, AS-T) from a California community college” or “Transferring from a California community college or from another two-year or four-year institution” depending on which one applies to you.
  • If you select “Transferring from a California community college or from another two-year or four-year institution”, select “Greater than or equal to 60 semester or 90 quarter hours (equivalent to Junior or higher)” as your completed credit hours.
  • Select “Business Administration - Professional Business" under Fullerton Extension as your intended program.

You will receive a confirmation email after successfully submitting your online application.

If you are an ADT applicant: You will receive the message below. Please select “Continue Submission”. We do honor applicants who are completing/have earned an ADT in Business Administration. You will need to obtain verification of your ADT from your community college and submit it to us after applying.

ADT applicant message


Step 3: Submit official transcripts

Fall applicants should submit official transcripts with final fall grades. Spring applicants should submit official transcripts as soon as possible, regardless of course completion. Complete your application by ordering and submitting all official transcripts and official AP scores from all institutions attended directly to the office of Office of Admissions at:


California State University, Fullerton
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 6900
Fullerton, CA 92834-6900


After you Apply

Step 4: Login to your Student Portal

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email with information on setting up your Student Portal and student email address. Login as soon as possible, as you will receive any further admissions instructions only through your Student Portal and student email address.

Step 5: Check your email

You will need to check your email regularly for application status updates, as well as any additional information and instructions.

Step 6: Wait for an admissions decision

After you submit your online application and the Office of Admissions receives your supporting documents, the official review of your application begins. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and the processing time may take several weeks. The earlier the official transcripts are received, the earlier an admission decision can be made.

Talk to an Advisor

Have questions about applying? Book an appointment with an advisor to learn more about the application process and your eligibility.


What’s your next step?

Learn more about the online BA in Business Administration program by meeting with an advisor or by joining our email list. By joining the list, you will receive program and application updates.



Book an appointment with Professional Business Online Student Advisor Dereck Zara. He can talk with you in person, by phone or online.