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The Online BA in Business Registration page provides new and returning students with the necessary resources to guide you through registering for the upcoming semester of your program.

Before You Register

  1. Accept admission and pay enrollment deposit (new students only):

    Go to your CSUF Student Portal, click on Titan Online, select Student Center and accept admission to the program. You will then be prompted to pay the $250 enrollment deposit.
  2. Resolve any registration holds:

    Log in to the CSUF Student Portal, click on Titan Online, select Student Center, and then check the Holds section. If there is a hold on your record, click on details to view instructions on how to remove the hold and which department to contact.
  3. Complete any To Do items:

    Log in to the CSUF Student Portal, click on Titan Online, select Student Center and then check the To Do section.

Registration Schedules

When you’re ready to register, please download the Registration Schedule for your cohort below.

Cohort 10

Start Term: Spring 2017

Cohort 10

Cohort 11

Start Term: Fall 2017

Cohort 11

Cohort 12

Start Term: Spring 2018

Cohort 12

Cohort 13

Start Term: Fall 2018

Cohort 13

Cohort 14

Start Term: Spring 2019

Cohort 14

Cohort 15

New cohort coming in Fall 2019

Cohort 15

Individual Study Plan students

Review Summer Study Plan Review Fall Study Plan

Please register only in the courses that were approved for your study plan by your Academic Advisor, Farifteh Shahbazian (Email:, Phone: 657-278-8286).
You are responsible for your courses that you register in.

Once you have your schedule, feel free to print it, or just keep it handy in a nearby browser tab or window so you can refer to it while you register for your classes.

Register Now

How to Register

To register online, use the Register Now box that is located on the Register page and follow these steps:

  • Enter the course schedule number; for example: E195-12345 
  • Select “Find Course”
  • To add class, select “+Add”
  • Add more classes using these same steps
  • If you are receiving Financial Aid, choose Financial Aid as a method of payment

If your financial aid eligibility has not yet been determined at the time you register, you are responsible for paying your registration fees by the due date specified on your account. If your summer financial aid award is not sufficient to pay your full fees, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance.

How to Drop

  • For drop deadlines and instructions on how to withdraw from a course refer to the Drops & Refunds page.


  • The Titan Bookstore website offers the most accurate and up-to-date selection of textbooks for your courses. To find your textbooks, enter the department, course and section. For detailed instruction on how to find and buy your books, check out this helpful tutorial video.

Additional Resources

Contact Us

Still have questions? Please contact our staff for the following assistance:

  • Farifteh Shahbazian – advising, prerequisites, study plan, request for term off and leave of absence
  • Anh Tran – registration, class schedule and textbooks
  • If you would like to contact professors for your courses, please review Drops & Refunds page for instructors assignments and contact emails
  • For questions about financial aid, please email

Want to speak to an advisor?

Our Online BA in Business Administration advisors are happy to speak with you about your careers goals to ensure they align with our program. You can make an appointment to speak to one online or by phone.

Online Advising Center